Ok folks ! First, I hope you didn’t missed the release of Golo.

I hoped to publish some article on the D-day but my daughter had an unplanned trip to hospital.
She’s fine now, I spent some time watching her sleeping.

So, this won’t be a huge post but still hope to introduce you to the coming plans.

What I really like with new languages is that everything has to be discovered.
It is often a moment where you can both use fresh eyes on your way of coding and learn a lot on various topics. Come on, you know what kind of topics…
Those you already should have dug into.
Use this new language as a good reason !

Everyone will choose his own topics.
Philippe Charrière started to digg what Play! framework looks like behind the scene and  decided to write his own vision with Golo. (if you don’t understand  french, ask him some translation ;) )

But in my case, I first choose to see the internals of a Http server.
Yes, a simple Http server. Something like com.sun.net.httpserver
I will post here the step of what I had to try.

In the meantime, if you already jumped on Golo board, you can have a look to n’Golo aka nano.Golo.
This place will be a sharing space for all Golo users, newbie, seasoned, curious, my mom… ;)
See you soon…