On the Little experiments desk, there are a lot of Little hardware.
I must admit I have some favorites among them, but don’t tell them ;)

One of them is an Android USB key, MK808B, which allows me to run Android any TV with a HDMI input.
Used with a bluetooth PlayStation keyboard, it’s pure fun.
Unfortunately, Android devices are running a modified JVM called Dalvik  which has one major drawback: it’s based on code without invokeDynamic.

What does it mean ?
It means a awful thing: Golo won’t run on it!
I read some work from Jérôme Pilliet about implementing JSR 292 on Dalvik, but it’s a work in progress with no garantee.

So, let it go…
But wait, there’s a second device I really enjoy: my RaspBerry Pi!

In a previous experiment, I ran a Tomcat server on it, so at least Java is running.
And, better than a painful experiment, Golo website itself provides instructions on setting up a running Pi Golo :)
It was for me the opportunity to try also ArchLinux.

The only issue I had was that the root user is unable to log directly  on the device: you must connect through SSH, which means knowing the IP  address.

I add the modified bin/* files for those who wants them quickly.

Now let’s back to work and see if one of my recent dream may come  true: use the Raspberry GPIO to control a HD44780U LCD with Golo.
I know… silly… and I have to publish follow up on the GoloHttpServer… I know ;)

Enjoy your PI Golo!