First of all: I wish you a happy 2014!

Lot of projects, lots of fun and everything will be good :)

Here, I now need to put down every project I started and try to do minimal planning to have something cool to show ;)

Today, let me show my little experiment on pan tilt feature. I plan to use it somehow with Gary but I had first to see what I can do.

As it is already done, let me show you the little prototype I made:

la bêêête

I used wood to quickly see what needs to be done. The pan is a simple servo I had, glued on wood:


The tilt is the same kind of servo, with a screw:


The main issue at the end, is even if balsa wood is quick to cut and  glue, it is a very bad idea to have two parts sliding on each other.

It works, but use those servos is a bit too much for my plans (moving a small Raspberry Cam).

My next model will use smaller servos and maybe plastic cardboard, or printed part as soon as I get my 3D printer ;)

See you soon…