As I only receive emails and no comments, I have to post some explanations here ;)

When I first heard of Golo, I didn’t needed a new language. At least, I was satisfied with my daily use of Java or Groovy.

Then a little twitt from Julien Ponge mentionned something coming, something that will be linked to the JVM, something called… Golo

Because I already knew a little bit this crazy man who love  explaining black magic voodoo with JVM bytecode, I decided to look at  it.
It could have stopped there. The official release was planned in a few month ahead and I will wait.

Wait? Philippe Charrière couldn’t ! He started to ask for an early release.
It looks funny, so I followed him, saying all the wonderful things to try with this language I didn’t knew :)

That’s how I became a beta tester of Golo, coding a http server and chatting with people writing framework with Golo for fun!

Maybe I didn’t accomplish huge things as Fast framework or Graddle plugin, but I already had great moments.

For sure, I learn every day new things.
Using Golo pushed me to question myself.
For example, as I discovered Java and object languages on the field, I never took time to look at the concepts behind. Trying to understand something with Golo bring me to a moment of thinking on inheritance versus composition.

Believe me: give a try to new languages! You will learn new ways of coding, thinking and having fun!

This article is in fact a lame excuse to thanks Julien and Philippe at least: thanks mates to give me such enthusiastic moments!