For 2 days, it’s MixIT 2013 days!
This conference has a lot of qualities, but for me, it’s THE event that helped me surviving previous years.

This may sound a bit too much, but believe me: I was and still am a true geek!
I like technology, I like computers, I like science… and I like to share!
But when you work in a company that prevent you from any innovation,  where every technical act is surrounded by political thoughts, you’re  stucked.
Being stucked in your brain is not a very pleasant situation…

Going to MixIT was a break in those sad moments, this place was full of people with knowledge and the will to share.
There were hard moments when people were laughing on old technologies  and working methods: this was my daily tools and environment!
But this was the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with passionnate peoples.
After the first MixIT, I stopped trying to push Groovy in the product I was working on: instead, I just had to do it :)
After the second year, I decided to look for a new job: I found one in the month after!

Yes, MixIT is brighter, stronger and clean your clothes better! ;)

This year is even better: I love my job, I love my company and I even use some of technologies shown here as innovatives ;)

So, thanks MixIT, thanks all the people behind this event!
Long live to MixIT!